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crazyworldofsuz ([personal profile] crazyworldofsuz) wrote2012-04-21 10:02 pm


friends only now and forever.
CURRENTLY: adding!

but know, that i don't have to add you back if I don't want to.

I love people - i love getting to know people around the world,
and I want to make some close friends. I want to be sure that 
we have something in common, or that we have talked before somewhere, 
etc, connection between two people is very important for me and if I 
feel that we don't have it, I won't hesitate to say bye bye to you. 

Now, I don't expect you to comment on everything, but some kind of 
feedback time to time, would be cool. I keep it very simple with 
commenting thing - if you don't comment on my entries, do not expect
me to comment on yours. It might sound really cruel, but that's how it is for now.

(really, i'm totally cool with people and especially new people, 
so don't be shy to ask me to be your friend, I just want to keep 
my flist active and clean, you know?! XD )

+ yes, i'm not a native English speaker, so you might find some mistakes,
i'm aware of that, you don't need to come and yell for me,
just remember that no one is perfect.